VA – A Chillout Affair [Giverny Music]

An business is not a relationship, but do as one is told to this music, it could be chillout compilation, includes the make new trail 'Savory' by !Electronic music – an remarkable symbiosis of cultural traditions from hither the globe

Miraflores - Savory (Original Mix)
Aqua Mundi - Sudden Inspirations (Original Mix)
The Sura Quintet - Shared Moments (Original Mix)
Baghira - Maybe (Original Mix)
Cesar Martinez Ensemble - Back In Space (Original Mix)
De Lobo - That Reggae Sound (Original Mix)
Simplex Sensus - Airdrops (Original Mix)
Kaxamalka - Morning Breath (Original Mix)
Solanos - Mise En Abyme (Original Mix)
Real meets Unreal - Unending Fields (Original Mix)
Lamar Ensemble - A Personal Perspective (Original Mix)
Premasara Council - Sensual Ecstasy (Original Mix)
Diario - Transhumance (Original Mix)
Shivana Faction - Prime Position (Original Mix)
Logophilia - Melting The Joy (Original Mix)
Rhythmphoria - Intuitively (Original Mix)
Sesion De Los Flores - Back To Yourself (Original Mix)
Chillelektro - Koos (Original Mix)
Silent Breeze - The Abandoned (Original Mix)
Jano De Rhodos, Bento - Sem Titubear (Original Mix)
Sombra Modos - Juventud (Original Mix)
Arrojas - Lazy Sunday (Original Mix)
Blue Wave - The Life Before (Original Mix)
Rey Salinero - Flor de Almendro (Original Mix)