VA – 5 Years Of Dubtastic [Dubtastic]

Tap into '5 Years Of Dubtastic' for innovation, inconspicuousness and most crucially the loyal pleasure for those spacious genres! This 16-on LP offers a steadfast supranational viewpoint of those genres with producers from America, Belgium, Canada, Norway and the UK. The A+R guys be experiencing searched for the newest players in the dubstep and drum and bass location. Dubtastic Records's values to go out alternative strength, continues with the '5 Years Of Dubtastic' compilation.

Wakepoint - Out Of Exile (Original Mix)
Hybliss - Sky Is The Exit (Original Mix)
Wakepoint - Late Night Registration (Original Mix)
WuduB!? - Nightvision (Original Mix)
FJH - Hydra Pavillion (Original Mix)
Digid - Closed Mind (Original Mix)
Durandal - New Beginnings (Original Mix)
NUMO - Wind Up (Original Mix)
Kodec - Untitled Dub (Original Mix)
ARtroniks - Gateway (Original Mix)
Pokus - Hardmode (Original Mix)
Rednote - Moodswings (Original Mix)
kai li - Photons (Original Mix)
Red Eyes - Aureola (Original Mix)
Lost State - New Dawn (Original Mix)
Northern Zone - Changing (Original Mix)