VA – 4 Years Of Minimal Stuff [Minimal Stuff Records]

Tiniest Fabric Records Presents 4 Years,Especial Disenthral. Electronic music – an marvellous symbiosis of cultural traditions from nearly the life take care an eye on the talk, Commandeer your Primary Replication and the Second.

Hipynoze - Irro De Puta (Original Mix)
Doom - New Blow (Original Mix)
SkillBass - Enemy (Original Mix)
Ficción, Beavis, Butt Head - O.V.N.I. (Original Mix)
Vini Oliveira - Anytime (Original Mix)
General Groove - Anandamida (Original Mix)
Mk3Packs, Uploud - Dat Money (Original Mix)
Phunk - Psychopath Love (Original Mix)
Alex Frazon, Pedro Meza - Right On Time (Original Mix)
Crazymal - Synth (Original Mix)
Phase - Break Down It (Original Mix)
TWO DELINQUENTS - Pikachu (Original Mix)
Loudrop - Impacto (Original Mix)