VA – 200 [Krone Records]

The release number two hundred by Krone Records! For the occasion were selected a few significant pieces of the label, such as "Hot Looking Babes" which was an opening track of the WMC or as "Barrio Latino" very, very played in Saint Tropez and in all the Cote d'Azur. The selection ranges from electronica to techno. Enjoy!…

CP & Co. - Hot Looking Babes (Marco Corona Eclectic Mix)
Funky Destination - Run Until You Get Free (Original Mix)
Marcello Randazzo - My Line (Original Mix)
La Sofff - Manipulation (Original Mix)
Nuccio Morris - Teck Glass (Virtual Mix)
Max Sabatini, Alex B - Pusher (Original Mix)
Gius - 6 Months in Afghanistan (Original Mix)
Marco Corona - Matalo (Original Mix)
Joy Kitikonti, Jurgen Cecconi, Marco Corona - L'Icone Glamour (Joy Kitikonti Mix)
Didier Largemain, Will Arkonen - Dolak (Original Mix)
Cronino - Stiches (Original Mix)
Marco Corona - Barrio Latino (Marco Corona Dum Dum Mix)
Gaty Lopez - My Reason (Francesco Bergomi Remix)
Frederik Olufsen - Ain't No Sunshine (Rasmus Liebst Remix)