VA – 2 Years Of Gibbon Records Compiled & Mixed By Damion Pell [Gibbon Records]

Weaving a mix that tracks a trail as a consequence our leading two years of releases in a devoted DJ storytellers mania, providing us with a replete contact of the passion and acclaim to particular that is poured into his mixes and Gibbon records' releases like one another. It's been two years since we dropped our very much cardinal unchain, and in that period we've move a extensive way. Gigantic artists, elephantine releases and standing music all the way too. Compelling a look go at our filled catalogue, Damion has selected the tracks that are the take out sounds of our original twosome of years. To hallow this anniversary, we're honoured to accounted for right our birthday compilation curated and compiled by the period inimitable Damion Pell. Considered and carefully crafted together into a 1hour 20 mix, Pell takes us on a trip middle of not principled the sounds and landmarks of Gibbon, but of his own lone and u high style and sound.

DJ Sedatophobia - Gentile (Unfug Remix)
Yoshiwara - Love Is For Creation (Original Mix)
Luke Garcia - The Best Travel Of My Life (Stas Drive Remix)
Yoshiwara - Glitter (Original Mix)
Pilofrè - Time (Original Mix)
Drivepitcher - Schweben (Bootleg Ben Remix)
Benwaa - The Confliction Of Ego (Original Mix)
Van John - Blue (Max Jacob Remix)
RAWL - Patience (Original Mix)
Unfug - Frames (Original Mix)
Brandon Lee, Sion Scullion - Your Life (Original Mix)
Benwaa - Mushroom Alignment (PHCK Remix)
Ab+3 - Lighthouse (David Farr Remix)
Damion Pell - 2 Years of Gibbon Records Compiled & Mixed By Damion Pell (Continuous DJ Mix)