VA – 2 Years – Intimate Project Music [Intimate Project Music]

We are willingly and forever pleased for all your Promote.!! Thanking all of our artist for their convenience life and inclination delivered throught us, we are selecting 10 of our first tracks to exalt our 2nd anniversary.

Andres Acevedo - Before the Blizzard (Matias Muten Remix)
Brian Best - Cada Dia (Original Mix)
Christian Campos - Strong Change (Jorge Savoretti Remix)
Tony V, Zazzali - Unborn (David Durango Remix)
intimate Project - Love at first Sight (Felipe Venegas Remix)
intimate Project - Lost in Brooklyn (Original Mix)
intimate Project - Monasterios de Asturias (Original Mix)
Saqib, Nightden - Nau Ruz (Saqib, Andrew Hobold Club Mix)
Miguel Duque - Something Deep (Original Mix)
Saqib - Somewhere In My Head (Sam Jaspersohn Remix)