VA – 15 Years [Upfront Records]

Upfront Records proudly presents the 74th release, a very special one, in order to celebrate our 15 birthday. This massive compilation includes 40 Techno tracks. We would like to thanks all who has supporting us anytime in this awesome journey.

Aitor Ronda, Alberto Ruiz - Heart Rate (Original Mix)
Dani Sbert - Remainings (Original Mix)
Darkrow - Cheat (Original Mix)
Lluis Ribalta - Hightjump (Original Mix)
Kid Larssen - Lacasito (Original Mix)
Razzo - Snapwave (Original Mix)
Paco Maroto - Elek (Original Mix)
Alexander Laurell - Abduction (Original Mix)
Caden - Out Beat (Original Mix)
Aitor Ronda, George Privatti, Guille Placencia - La guardia (Original Mix)
Marc Maya - Elements (Original Mix)
Oscar Palacios - Senses (Original Mix)
Gaspar T - Feel the Rhythms (Original Mix)
Quentin Dourthe - Sagittaire (Original Mix)
Subjects - Reflex (Original Mix)
Jordi Regsan - Madness (Original Mix)
Gaston Zani - Neutron (Original Mix)
m.a.m.i. - Bad Monday (Original Mix)
Giuseppe Martini - Flying Alone (Original Mix)
Matthias Hoffmann - The Sun (Original Mix)
Marc Alvarez - This & This (Original Mix)
Andres Campo - Take It Slow (Original Mix)
Ian Davies - Move On (Original Mix)
Jonathan Colell - Send It (Original Mix)
Marc B - Level Control (Original Mix)
Efren Kairos, Magner - Burste (Original Mix)
DJ WestBeat - Secret Noise (Original Mix)
m.a.m.i. - Got No Love (Original Mix)
Aitor Ronda - Back to Reality (Original Mix)
Stefano Kosa - Shadow (Original Mix)
Luis Izquierdo, Diego Gonzalez - Dark Magic (Original Mix)
Aitor Ronda, Unique (CRO) - El Camino (Original Mix)
Mario Otero - In the Air (Original Mix)
Subjects - Crystal (Original Mix)
Pratap - Assembling (Original Mix)
Lluis Ribalta - Ciclo (Alberto Ruiz & Hugo Bianco Remix)
Aitor Ronda, Matthew Codek - Do the Right Thing (Reedit)
Rottom - Simbiotika (Original Mix)
Marc Alvarez - Fosk (Original Mix)
Nick (LDN), Gaston Zani - Stuck (Original Mix)