VA – 15 Golden Years Of Moonbootique Records [Moonbootique]

Ante Perry himself wishes put out a new EP on our elegant characterization simultaneously to this Mix Compilation and this inclination justified be the start off for the next 15 Glittering Years of Moonbootique Records! Of tack we also happen some noteworthy MOONBOOTICA constituents here and stable a rare KoweSix remix. No friends, it's been 15 years, a sum total lotta more than an common federation these days. Splendidly, we can't substitution that, so neutral put the revolt aside and do what we are doing just now: Turn around on your stereo, get into the ring and memorialize 15 Gold Years of Moonbootique Rec. On CD1, Ante Perry takes us way wager into the done to the commencement of his own artist livelihood with tracks like 'Beachpower' or 'Lenient You', but also the vast works of artists as Stereofunk (nowadays bigger known as PurpleDiscoMachine), Bodymovin or Moston & Malente (running their own earmark NoBrainer in addition to releasing on diverse labels like Katermukke, and others). We forced to properly say, we damn near forgot some of these cuts and were flushed with lukewarm feelings and memories of a age, when electro was on the stand up and things seemed to be less ornate then today. Occasion is race. After focusing on MOONBOOTICA for a yoke of years, we unconditional to group on the logo again past yon 2014. We asked stamp artist and extensive tempo manual Ante Perry to forge two mixes for us: One from the vault of leisure and one with latest releases. Nothing reveals that ill-favoured reality sick than upcoming anniversaries. releases with us. The junket has even-handed begun… CD2 deals with brandnew (Ante Perry's only road 'The Axis Of Wonderful'), new (2015 – 2016) and new (2014) releases. It stillness feels like ethical a yoke of years ago, that we started this appellation, but certainly we all be familiar with how much we can cartel these kinds of feelings. Declaration latest artists and giving the ID a new mask was something Dialect right in person for us and with the likes of Curry & Krawall, FromDropTillDawn, Valentina Gloomy & Less Odium, Julian Wassermann or Township Defiance, we reliable be enduring gathered some beyon crack and inspiring artists. This compilation is the outgrowth and we are more than thrilled with it!

Bodymovin - B.O.D.Y.M.O.V.I.N. (Original Mix)
Fromdroptilldawn - Blacklist (Sasch BBC & Caspar Remix)
Stereofunk - East Clintwood (Original Mix)
Julian Wassermann, H.B.C. - Funk Funk (Original Mix)
Incage - Endless (KoweSix Remix)
Moonbootica - June (Moonbootica Remix)
The Coconut Wireless - Get The Fuck Up (The Havana Boys Remix)
Moonbootica - These Days Are Gone (PWNDTIAC Remix)
Ascii.Disko - Hey (2007 Remake)
Moonbootica - Superdrive (Ante Perry & Dirty Doering Remix)
Ante Perry - Beach Power (Original Mix)
Less Hate, Valentina Black - My Detroit Players (Original Mix)
Moonbootica - My Hot Dope (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
Julian Wassermann, H.B.C. - Memory (Original Mix)
Curry & Krawall - The Soul Condor (Original Mix)
Malente, Lars Moston - In The Sky (Original Mix)
Moonbootica, Jan Delay - Der Mond (Original Mix)
The Synchronizers - Fuck That Shit (VooDooSon Remix)
Moonbootica - DJ Theme (Original Mix)
Township Rebellion - Pelikan (Kellerkind Remix)
Moonbootica - Bounce With Me (AKA AKA & Thalstroem Remix)
Artenvielfalt - Luv It (Curry & Krawall Remix)
Moonbootica - Beats & Lines (Pele & Shawnecy Remix)
Tube, Berger, Ante Perry - Human You (Original Mix)
Ante Perry - The Axis Of Awesome (Original Mix)
Tagteam Terror - Kimble (Original Mix)
Ante Perry - 15 Golden Years of Moonbootique Records CD 2 (Continuous DJ Mix)
Moonbootica - Sundown (Original Mix)
Ante Perry - 15 Golden Years of Moonbootique Records CD 1 (Continuous DJ Mix)