VA – 12 Years Old [Addicted Minimal]

Divers Artists – 12 Years Old is the latest let off on Addicted Slightest.Electronic music – an astonishing symbiosis of cultural traditions from about the society

Valiant Coos - Upside Down (Original Mix)
Valiant Coos - Woodoo (Original Mix)
Valiant Coos - Alpok (Alex Sounds Remix)
Valiant Coos - Alpok (Luigi Peretti, Beni Bonkers Remix)
Valiant Coos - Aunna (Paul Schmitz Remix)
Valiant Coos - Bongo (Ced.Rec Remix)
Valiant Coos - Lonax (Luigi Peretti Remix)
Valiant Coos - Lonax (Paul Schmitz Remix)
Valiant Coos - Twelve (Original Mix)
Valiant - Black Bird (Original Mix)
Valiant - Black Bird (Gabriel Louis Grind Remix)
UnReAl BraIN - HooliGan (Original Mix)
Unlock - Mad (Original Mix)
Under Noise - Bubles System's (Original Mix)
TWO DELINQUENTS, Dreamm - Hoooooo (Original Mix)
TWO DELINQUENTS - Acid Clown (Original Mix)
TwistedSound - Twelve Years Old (Original Mix)