VA – 10 Years Parquet Recordings [Parquet Recordings]

On the occasion of this years 10th Anniversary of Parquet Recordings we are proud to present you 15 unreleased tracks, compiled & mixed by labelboss Solee. This special Compilation reflect the original label-style in a perfect way from melodic deep & tech-house to techno, including exclusive tracks by Oliver Schories, D-Nox, Boss Axis, Solee, Tim Engelhardt, Aki Bergen & Richter, Franz Alice Stern, Whomi, Teho and many !

Solee - 10 Years Parquet Recordings (Continuous DJ Mix)
Aki Bergen & Richter - Nimitta (Original Mix)
Karada, Pedro Mercado - Our Vision (Original Mix)
Knowkontrol, Franz Alice Stern - Gravity (Original Mix)
Jos & Eli - A Sign of Salvation (Original Mix)
Solee - Hyper (Original Mix)
D-Nox, Santiago Franch - Stripped (Original Mix)
Marius Lehnert, Arno Mueller - Vere (Original Mix)
Whomi - Ghost Horses (Original Mix)
Zusammenklang - Dr. Who (Original Mix)
Tim Engelhardt - Marilyn (Original Mix)
Dany Holm - Era (Original Mix)
Oliver Schories - Govor (Original Mix)
Boss Axis - Hope (Original Mix)
Teho - Issue 1 (Original Mix)
Stoertebeker - Into the Sunset (Original Mix)