Urban Trip – Solar Eclipse [Monochrome Recordings]

The whole shebang wall-to-wall in four unique tracks. We're joyous to adjacent you "Solar Hide" EP by one of our headliners Urban Tour. Decorous issue old is. The strongest streamlet is drum'n'bass music. BIO FOR: Urban journey
Hello, my rank Urban fall, im in Britain director from the Moscow. I started making music in 2003 but it was upstanding for my own extravaganza. It's a array of compassionate rhythms, atmospheric pads and broad basslines. Drop by drop I gained more acquaintance and managed to design wiser tracks, throughout stretch it all got more grim and in the end this work got started. I in olden d released tracks on Absys recordings, Intellegent recordings, Monochrome recordings, Sub Informed about One records and assorted unencumbered tracks. I started DJing on unbolted air 2005, I immediately discovered that DJing was even-handed another percentage of my inventive covert and now I turn the discs whenever attainable.

Urban Trip - Solar Eclipse (Original Mix)
Urban Trip - April (Original Mix)
Urban Trip - Smoke On Water (Original Mix)
Urban Trip - Snow And Stars (Original Mix)