Upercent – Vents De La India Ep [Endless]

It was on a lapsus linguae to India that the Valencia auteur recorded the mass of the ethnic instruments for the present on the EP. From a pumpkin flute called ''Harp of gob" to the percussion and the authoritative tabla, survival flows during the soundscape of Upercent. Upercent truly impressed us with their versatility, a rare memorable part that hasn't escaped the Everlasting radar. Vents De La India EP consists of three tracks in which the rhythms lackadaisical down and the sensitivity of being on the passage is seeable from the first. The entirety is the fruit of the proposition, a unrivalled balance of electronica and breathing sounds which are no strangers to the life of Eternal. Vents del Vacant, Temps Estimat and El Viage are unadulterated demonolatry within which to get out of the window, deserts chock-full of time within which to skip.

Upercent - Vents Del Desert (Original Mix)
Upercent - Temps Estimat (Original Mix)
Upercent - El Viatge (Original Mix)