Unlayr, Rauschhaus, PHCK – Spiramentum [Bullfinch]

Rauschhaus released tracks on Parquet Recordings, Einmusika Recordings and Tube and Bergers Kittball. Spiramentum (latin for "hint of lifestyle") is a curative potency, which expresses itself as a tidal gesticulation that is jolly slow-paced and unwavering. Born and raised in the curse of going interval Unlayr – the being of not moderately dapper but unquestionably functional – rediscovered and newly interpreted a grand and upfront display of the tracks apparatus mores. Remixed by Rauschhaus – a Kiel based DJ and maker – Spiramentum develops in an wild and rousing supervision, which is a new incarnation of the tracks first interpretation. The sun caresses the mountains with the indication of biography and people develop to welcome the new day congested of lifestyle and conviction. Mastering by Bullfinch Audio Vitalis stands for authoritative instruments with equivalent electronic beats. Artwork by Kapshul
vitaly. It means restorative and sustenance-giving. PHCK strikes sponsor with their new eloquent melodic techno EP on Bullfinch.

PHCK - Spiramentum (Original Mix)
PHCK - Spiramentum (Rauschhaus Detox Version)
PHCK - Vitalis (Original Mix)
PHCK - Vitalis (Unlayr Remix)