United Colors Of Acid, Akkaelle, Xz=10z, T3TSUO 303 – The Future Sound Of Acid I [Generation Acid]

Generation Acid presents : The Future Sound Of Acid I , a compilation of some of our finest releases of the past 2 years. Some of them stayed obscure and some of them made it to the Beatport and Juno charts. From slightly Old Skool-ish to Experimental Future Acid …. all tracks have one thing in common : The almighty Roland TB 303 and it's irresistable and unique rhythm and sound.

T3TSUO 303 - Rouge Noir (Original Mix)
0010X0010, T3TSUO 303 - Bullet Ballet (Original Mix)
Levi Wolf - Be My Obeyer (Original Mix)
Xz=10z - Nøbødy Vnderstands My Pain (Original Mix)
0010X0010 - Little Shadow Dancer (Original Mix)
Akkaelle - Inside (Original Mix)
T3TSUO 303 - BB I Fucked Up (Original Mix)
United Colors Of Acid - Bonkar (Original Mix)
0010X0010 - Acid Made Me Do It (Original Mix)
Levi Wolf - Retrograde Amnesia (Original Mix)
T3TSUO 303 - Gelatin Silver, Love (Original Mix)
0010X0010 - Blxck | Xcxd (Original Mix)