Unit3, M.philips, Rapaz, Roland’Sousa – A House Is Not A Home Without A Dog #01 [Home Made]

Home Made joins its roster for a compilation with a special feeling.

In the foam of the days, through the range of feelings that we have, there are two things that steadily give us their unconditional love: Music and Pets.

Enjoying their companionship is something extra special in our world. To give life a texture and a different feel. To have something beyond words, which teaches us to use our extra verbal communication.
We dedicate this compilation to these beings that often are our spiritual guides.

All capital generated from the sales will revert in food for animal rescue and care associations.
We want this way to make a small tribute to the pets who are also the music of our days.
Follow our official page for more info.

Text by 'Gabi Von Dub'

Roland'Sousa - Feeling This Music (Original Mix)
Andy Caz - Morning Theme (Original Mix)
Fragoso - Mint (Original Mix)
Ruben B. Goode - Mind & Soul (Original Mix)
Lazer Mike - Spot & Fly (Original Mix)
Rapaz - Make It (Original Mix)
M.philips - Shadow Of Niagara (Original Mix)
Unit3 - Echo001 (Original Mix)