u z z v, Duckhunter – Pump The Bez [Elastic Gun]

Duckhunter hits the deck at thumping speed, with 'Pump The BEZ' – bringing onboard to his distinct techno imprint two carefully selected artists from Spain u z z v and Italy – Roberto Surace. Celebrating the 27th release on Elastic Gun Music. Both artists are experienced in their craft of groove-design and precise mix control. Roberto Surace delivers his unique Italian Tech House sound with precise percussions and tight kick drum. u z z v is a very unique artist that has a futuristic techno approach and creates an advanced interpretation of the original mix. This release is a hallmark to the forward thinking mindset and dedication of Elastic Gun Music to a gradual upbringing of selected quality artists from all over the world.

Duckhunter - Pump The BEZ (Original Mix)
Duckhunter - Pump The BEZ (Roberto Surace Remix)
Duckhunter - Pump The BEZ (u z z v Remix)