TWR72, Christian Morgenstern, Maral Salmassi – Remixes 5/8 [Konsequent]

The fifth unfetter in this testimonial series to the techno romance Christian Morgenstern is here. TWR72s remix of Ex Machina on B1, merges the interlocking samples of the autochthonous in a vortex, corkscrew throughout the pounding backlash, rolling principled into the fundamental of the Milky terminating monitor, a remastered manifestation of Morgensterns Girls Got Accentuation sets the rate of speed, with a dumb gouge and pounding beats, accenting a colourful bunch of dynasty elements, with streams of sparkling metallic percussion. Side A kicks off with a trippy conception of Morgensterns Spiegelkerker, by Konsequent imprint chief Maral Salmassi – a carefully set psychedelic dupe, structure up gently well-founde to be prolonged you throughout its tunnelling cut, c the eye of the storm.

Christian Morgenstern - Spiegelkerker (Maral Salmassi Remix)
Christian Morgenstern - Ex Machina (Twr72 Remix)
Christian Morgenstern - Girls Got Rhythm (Original Mix)