Two Mind, Hyde UK, Syla, Monotype – Ultraviolet Lp [Double UV Recordings]

Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Monotype - Roll It Up (Original Mix)
Monotype, Panega - Keep Waiting (Original Mix)
Monotype - Ultraviolet (Original Mix)
Monotype, Phantom Warrior - Casual (Original Mix)
Monotype - Gangster (2016)
Monotype, Mamoet, Simskai - Brothers In Crime (Original Mix)
Monotype - Hit Da Beat (Original Mix)
Monotype, Syla - Methods (Original Mix)
Monotype - Pretty Boy (Original Mix)
Monotype, Hyde UK - Take Off (Original Mix)
Monotype - Dark Sky (Original Mix)
Monotype, Two Mind - It's Over (Original Mix)