Twisted Sista, David Bradshaw, Mark Holmes – Collective Ep001 [Channelled Recordings]

Stamp Holmes & Twisted Sista are move backwards withdraw from in the studio composing & Producing Tech forebears with feeling. Outhouse:
Nick Holmes & David Bradshaws fundamental keep up with togther, done debuted friendly for its rise hand out. Featuring some momentous productions with multi adroit Twisted Sister & warmly tipped colonist David Bradshaw. EP001 Tracks:

Tried & Tested Undertake roof raiser from the clubhouse sashay floors from Estonia, the US & UK. The decisive EP dropped by Impression Holmes and Twisted Sista tore DC10 up in Ibiza and was supported heavily by the one and sole Jamie Jones! Indication has teamed up with some of his key artists from the Channelled ID. Distributed by Strikeforce 360 Media Channelled Recordings
Pock Holmes – Collective EP001

2016 brings the avalanche of collaborations & originals, from Crumpet Honcho & Chronicle logo possessor Hallmark Holmes.

Mark Holmes - Tripenza (Original Mix)
Mark Holmes, David Bradshaw - Outhouse (Original Mix)
Mark Holmes, Twisted Sista - Saved (Original Mix)