Tv.Out – Shedim Ep [Isaiah Tapes]

Declaring the apocalypse release by a duo from Tel-Aviv. Solid hardware grooves.. From the hearth warming feeling of 'Love Song' to the dark side of 'Carts Of Darkness' ' this EP is a journey into the artists' every day life. Gear Used: MPC 2000XL, TR-606, Volca Beats, DSI Mopho, MC-202, Deeper Dark Time, Micro Korg, Juno-106, JV-2080, Poly-800, EH Cathedral, Boss BF-2, Boss PS-2, Boss SE-70, E-wave Delay, Mic, Tascam M-224, Tascam 424mkIII…

Tv.Out - US04 (Original Mix)
Tv.Out - Nothing Lasts Forever (Original Mix)
Tv.Out - Carts of Darkness (Original Mix)
Tv.Out - Love Song (Original Mix)
Tv.Out - Shedim (Original Mix)