Turbotito, Harriet Brown, Eiko Hara, Daniel T. – Windy Lady [Tito Records]

The take, brought to you by brand name new Los Angeles mark, Tito Records, also comes with two remixes. is side with with a placid execution of Tatsuro Yamashita's 1976 big apple-pop paradigmatic, "Windswept Lady." The number cheaply features captivating vocals from up-and-coming chorus girl Eiko Hara. One is an atmospheric, electronic-reggae manifestation by LA unbroken guy, Harriet Brown. The enclose is tied together nicely with remarkable art by Adam Villacin, inspired by his accumulation of 80's Japanese car magazines. The other is a funky, up to date-AOR interpretation by Tito Records mark chief, Turbotito. A year after releasing his sun-soaked, premiere mini-album, Tetrachromat, Daniel T.

Daniel T., Eiko Hara - Windy Lady (Original Mix)
Daniel T., Eiko Hara - Windy Lady (Harriet Brown Remix)
Daniel T., Eiko Hara - Windy Lady (Turbotito Remix)