Tsarapevg – Melodic Bombs [Heavy Artillery Recordings]

Dubstep is alive and well in the hands of a young, gifted generation that embraces a balance between musical chops and weighty drops! Haling from the Netherlands, Tsarapevg fuses a clever mix of catchy melodic lines with heavy basslines for a slick package that has it all; power, charisma, and depth! Tsarapevg's Heavy Artillery debut brings us 2 killer tunes. "Da Bomb" rolls in with hypnotizing arps and swirling synths, building into a vicious rhythmic drop comprised of choppy bass stabs and pounding drums hits! "Morphing Souls" kicks things off at full force with good vibes as energetic chord progressions give way to a deadly drop that marches forward with deadly force! Big things ahead for Tsarapevg who continues to drop the Melodic Bombs!

Tsarapevg - Da Bomb (Original Mix)
Tsarapevg - Morphing Souls (Original Mix)