Trulz, Robin – Kua Ep [Full Pupp]

Trulz & Robin aka Trulz Kvam & Robin Crafoord do slowburning, airy but distinct fascinating house music, warm, bright, focussed but playful, reduced, but open to surprise.

Signed with atmospheric grooves, a stomping kick, subtle klick and lurching bassline.
Spiced with plentyfull electronic or sometimes acidic elements this is like straight out of a future
club that we like to visit over and over and never seem to get over – until breakfast time arrives.

written by Full Pupp's HH, on the first sunny Day in May, 2016

Robin, Trulz - Elva (Original Mix)
Robin, Trulz - Kua (Original Mix)
Robin, Trulz - Min kjære (Original Mix)