Tripy – Chemical Equation [JOOF Mantra]

An album that elegantly rockets it's listeners into a insight-blowing trip. Tripy, a crowned head in of the time psy-abstraction blows us all away with Chemical EQuation. Succeed the cog-wheel sticks, we're flying into stretch. Profuse with his hallucinogenic melodies, unyielding grooves, and elementary FX, Chemical EQuation is an album for lovers of natural, unadulterated psychedelic state of semi-consciousness music.

Tripy - Transfusion (Original Mix)
Tripy - Spirit Connection (Original Mix)
Tripy - Chemical EQuation (Original Mix)
Tripy - Hahaha (Original Mix)
Tripy - Can Anyone Stop? (Original Mix)
Tripy - No One Had a Bad Trip (Original Mix)
Tripy - Artificial Intelligence TK1 (Original Mix)
Tripy - Ground Energy (Original Mix)
Tripy - Ritual (Original Mix)