Trinity, Echo Inspectors, Simon Mann – Laying Low [Buxton Records]

Purveyors of all things deep, Buxton Records delve further into the depths with their most recent release, the 'Laying Low' EP from Simon Mann. The Sydney-based producer showcases his ambient, dub-techno style of production for his Buxton Records debut, while fellow homegrown names, Echo Inspectors and Trinity provide the remixes.

'Laying Low' opens the five-track EP on a dreamy, atmospheric note; where intricate pad work and wavering synths provide lightness against the heartbeat-like kickdrum. As the name suggests, 'Deeper Tension' takes the EP into moody club music territory, while a pitched-down vocal sample is woven between a steady groove and delicate synth and pad work for 'False Freedom'. Owners of the Primary Colours label, Melbourne-based duo Echo Inspectors pay homage to the title track with their remix; building on the original elements and driving the EP into clear dub-techno territory. Sydney-born Trinity is back for her second remix on Buxton Records, taking the title track in an ambient direction. Reverberating synths provide a backdrop for glitchy, pad work, before settling down to a serene closure.

Simon Mann - Laying Low (Original Mix)
Simon Mann - Deeper Tension (Original Mix)
Simon Mann - False Freedom (Original Mix)
Simon Mann - Laying Low (Echo Inspectors Tessellated Reshape)
Simon Mann - Laying Low (Trinity Dreamy Remix)