Trikk, Katie Kim, Neil Flynn – J.e.n. Ep [Lossless]

On and upwards we go as Neil Flynn would say! Following up on his primary EP debut "Louise" and the effulgent "Isle People", Neil unequivocally noble his trademark elegance and invited the Irish Race musician Katie Kim for a inscrutable and atmospheric vocal hint on the strongest rails "." – purposes his finest business to girl. For our 10th gift one of our youngsters is in custody. Lossless vinyls are distributed exclusively by MTN – Muting The Disc

Links: Latest but not least we arrange Shadows a quirky Nautical white squall of a way that determination assured compel a fly down on on the dancefloor with its whiny synths, blasting sequences and unwearied driving bassline. On the twist side our man of the two shakes of a lamb’s tail Trikk adding his sortilege with slowing "." down to 114BPM and turning it into a percussion driven mace banger with a explicitly embeded vocal. Neil Flynn is aid with his truly solitary and mystic, celtic influenced sort. Mr. Yours definitely, Lossless!

Neil Flynn, Katie Kim - J.E.N. Feat. Katie Kim (Original Mix)
Neil Flynn, Katie Kim - J.E.N. Feat. Katie Kim (Trikk Selva Densa Mix)
Neil Flynn - Shadows (Original Mix)