Trevor Sigler, Fabrice Lig, The Fool’s Stone – Boy.cott / Nonversation [Death By Rainbow]

Strong stroke of luck – I am you! All the period you obtain to tiff and put the tamper in it. And I even-handed lust after to be me again! I not demand the most beneficent for you, you identify that! hahaha! You're not natural! I'ma Boy-Cott you! You of routine! But look at yourself – you look touching! … But i lone miss you to be more than you are. Pss off! I'm airsick of it. I am not having this Nonversation anymore. Who do you consider are you irritating to engrave? Fence in up!

The Fool's Stone - Boy.Cott (Original Mix)
The Fool's Stone - Boy.Cott (Fabrice Lig Remix)
The Fool's Stone - Nonversation (Club Version)
The Fool's Stone - Nonversation (Trevor Sigler Remix)