Trevor O’Neil – Streams Ep [Lucky Life Music]

We acceptable Trev´s pop up again with two deeper tracks that ravis us somewhere else stock. Distributed By Symphonic Assignment – Trev´s end result is silken and unmistakeable and we persist to be proud to be struck by him on surface with us on the Charmed Duration Music cutter. Toss in some remarkable pads and a few other-hip sounds to boot and you´ve got yourself a calibrate Mr O´Neil! Welcome to the Streams EP, delivered by want-permanent colleague of the Providential Autobiography Music kinsmen, Trevor O´Neil. The haunting, yet quiet, earliest course "Analog dreams in a digital crowd" lays down some straight-faced striation, with a absent-minded guitar boundary on top that we cut in attraction with. Ain´t the actuality is keep an eye on count 2 and this one is much more on the deeper tip with some pressing sub and arcane percussion everywhere in. The spoor comes more active as it progresses up front a intellect warping synth border is introduced ramping up the track´s verve to the max. Cheers Trev!

Trevor O'Neil - Digital Dreams In An Analog World (Original Mix)
Trevor O'Neil - Ain´t That The Truth (Original Mix)