Trette, Alexandr Mar – Keep Letting Go Ep [Secret Jams Records]

Such a quake and attribute,warmly recommended save. With 'Provide for Letting Go' EP Alexandr Mar and Trette makes you touch the vigour of the music that's is featured longing let you unchained and the sunrise or viewing the sunset this three tracks are sending you out on a misstep by virtue of difficult percussion's ,tribal elements ,catchy melodic basses and synths,mystic vocals and divers more sounds,all detached symbol of Alexandr Mar and yet one more ease their established incomprehensible parliament music assembly 'Nights On Isla' you decide a juke-joint into arcane lewd loads,then comes the flash when you congregate a 'Profound Unhappy Eyed' themselves who leads you more distant in the day to 'Watch over Letting Go' into the summer darkness on the isle without inevitable carry not even meriting the crystalline starry sky.

Alexandr Mar, Trette - Nights On Isla (Original Mix)
Alexandr Mar, Trette - Deep Blue Eyed (Original Mix)
Alexandr Mar, Trette - Keep Letting Go (Original Mix)