Trentemøller, Trentemøller – Redefine [In My Room Records]

I reckon thats the driving potency behind our songwriting. Having toured so extensively with Marie weve enter a occur to get the drift each others capacities and that in reality pushes us to dispute and spark off each other. I had her in percipience as before long as I started theme. Marie has such a potent and in perfect accord spokesman that fits my music very naturally. In much the unaltered fashion that Baffled built on from the somber cinematic ageless that was Into The Huge Spacious Yonder Fixion has embraced the Danish artists trademark sad and matured it into something uniquely atmospheric and darkly illusory. Marie Fisker a principal support of the Trentemller physical constellation has also been a longtime studio collaborator of Anders and her four songs on Fixion smear their third mellifluous partnership. Redefine is the another individual infatuated from Trentemllers new album Fixion and features Marie Fisker on vocals. She ended up singing on four of the songs so shes finally the agency that charitable of leads you result of the album. With Fixion Anders has crafted a sound successor to 2013s Mystified a record that in various ways managed to duly arrest the visceral breathing occurrence of Trentemller as a fullband. FellowDane Thomas Bertelsen aka TOM And His Computer contributes a first-class remix that underlines the songs cheerless tones and moves it into the fields of Electronica.

Trentemøller - Redefine (Original Mix)
Trentemøller - Redefine (TOM And His Computer Remix)