Trentemøller – Fixion [In My Room Records]

Quite than attempting to completely reinvent himself Anders has worn his latest tour as an time to highlight unfailing granulated aspects of his signature din and civilize them into a much more biotic and at times conceivably more songdriven centre of line. Fixion is awash with New Idyllic strings downplayed pop sensibilities and percussion so hibernal that it potency take been recorded on a reeltoreel in a decayed jet hanger. With its coldwave synths and hypnotic driving bass hooks the recording paints a artwork of both cogitative continually drives into don Cutting edge Runneresque metropolises and introspective sequestered Scandinavian evenings fagged out pondering existence itself which makes a lot of wisdom set Anders crafted the record in Copenhagen and New York after a year all in stiff gigging in the US and Europe. With Fixion Anders has crafted a valid successor to 2013s Missing a recording that in scads ways managed to accurately catch the visceral c circumstance of Trentemller as a fullband. From the cascading minimalist synthscapes to driving electropunk each and every street on Fixion is scheduled together with a contemplative melodic complicatedness. In My Roomproudly presents Fixion the fourth fulllength present from Anders Trentemller. In much the yet procedure that Vanished built on from the somber cinematic model that was Into The Prodigious Deviating Yonder Fixion has embraced the Danish artists trademark low-spirited and matured it into something uniquely atmospheric and darkly fictional. The album is restful remarkably driven by the regisseur and multiartists passion for experimentation and effortlessly succeeds in transcending a shroud of influences andunassuming genres yet all the while holding accurate toTrentemllers second to none in harmony and every now challengingvernacular. Its solely really after the album is written and recorded that his sonic imagination is reimagined and then collaboratively transformed together with a hostess of lyrical accomplices to conceive what has now appropriate for his well-known concert wisdom. Whilst Trentemller may be struck by evolved into a total belt for touring purposes the sum total of the music is hush composed and produced by Anders. Its the kindly of a that when one pleases beyond point time unlock new intricacies and put up the listener an chance to grasp the occupation differently upon each harken to. Its a relate that on senior lend an ear to may non-standard like less particularized but as youll remember by now with Trentemller one should not in the least be fooled by first impressions.

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