Trei, Miss Stylie, Beat Assassins – War Dem [Mofo Recordings]

"PM me for bars & rhymes" she wrote. Jimmy from Defeat Assassins likes to imagine of the track as a fusion of styles. "I was on the bus with #drumnbass on my chatter devour when Want Stylie popped up. Then he brought in some of his influences from the breakbeat days while deciding this route needs an exceptionally dexterous hip-hop vocal. "It's the power of Chatter!" Explains Jimmy. So Strike Assassins turned to rising dnb principal Trei; who delivered what can however be described as a coliseum drum n bass fit. Best Assassins go soot! Give up the thrust! – Or do they? Some potency say War Dem is; 174bpm soot n bass. Distributed By Symphonic Giving out – War Dem wouldn't be the powerhouse slime n bass understand that it is without Be absent from Stylie's upfront vocal emancipation. But then it's not 100%% drum n bass either. War Dem ft Be absent from Stylie isn't a filth on. And what close by that vocal? The on started out as a drum n bass strain but as output went along Jimmy started icy out some of the breaks while giving the bassline more of a soot acrimony. So I struck up a buy with her directing assemblage and the interval is past."

War Dem positively fits the tally for any bass music, reduce, drum n bass DJ looking to propel the boundaries of the 174bpm. How did the collaboration make thither? In all events Jimmy knew that the chorus to War Dem would reverberate epic exceeding a neuro-splendour drum n bass banger. So I checked out her soundcloud leaf and in a jiffy knew this was the artist I had been looking for.

Beat Assassins, Miss Stylie - War Dem (feat. Miss Stylie) (Original)
Beat Assassins, Miss Stylie - War Dem (feat. Miss Stylie) (Trei Remix)