Trastler, Dreamw41ker – Reminiscence [Lemongrassmusic]

Reminiscence is the 1st endorsed Dreamw41ker EP. Air tunes concede you to thoroughly weaken, padlock your eyes and obtain you to the most excellent places you can conjecture. It complements the shimmering percussion, warm bass, keyboards, and other elements of melodic electronics. The ranking contrivance of this EP is a guitar. Inspired by his puberty dreams, youthful experiences, and outstandingly by his initial bent, he created 6 tracks each of which carries its own portrayal.

Dreamw41ker - My Dream (Original Mix)
Trastler, Dreamw41ker - Wonderland (Original Mix)
Dreamw41ker - Without U (Original Mix)
Dreamw41ker - Reminiscence (Original Mix)
Dreamw41ker - Overnight (Original Mix)
Dreamw41ker - Lullaby (Original Mix)