TRACE7000, Andre Crom – Destiny [Off Recordings]

In 'Fortune', a syncopated recoil & tom rifle lays the bottom, while spacy tops found nervousness, which is resolved by breaks featuring the looped and heavily effected superintend vocal. Remnant7000, known of Turbo Records, delivers an prodigious remix, a funky stria with a defeated whip 'white-hot percussion' handle, using an extended duty of the vocal and an epic nervous breakdown, this remix has proven to be an superior dancefloor weapon and steady 'standout slot'. With the summer coming to an end, Andre Crom presents 2 sombre and brooding cuts between techno and forebears to exchange to the billy dancefloor's. 'Fulfilled' features equivalent ingredients as 'Lot', but uses a more linear rifle, and stays significant, making this a hugely general dancefloor instrument.

Andre Crom - Destiny (Original Mix)
Andre Crom - Destiny (TRACE7000 Remix)
Andre Crom - Fulfilled (Original Mix)