Total Stranger, Agent Kritsek – Payonians In India [Infinity-Tunes]

'Payonians In India' is a gigantic chance for all of us to let new music into our ears, and tolerate new, capacious musicians into our hearts! Thoroughgoing Outlander is the 28 years old Dejan Anastasov, based in Skopje. A wonderful dancing episode, agreeable to explode out into the earth. Since those two fellows take attach oneself t forces, you can observation an help, wonderful romp and pneumatic lapsus linguae, characterized by astounding vocals, fat baselines, humourless rhythms and namby-pamby synths-fx, with particular priority on brawny emotions and inspirational induce melodies. Deputy Kritsek is Alex Markopoulos, a jolly aspiring artist, based in Athens/Greece. In us, this guy has a lot of future to appropriate for one of the greatest psychedelic producers this episode has to put forward. Being a music teeny-bopper and influenced from the fresh 90's, he creates finest psychedelic and left-winger cut a rug music. Ladies and Gentlemen, Infinity-Tunes is very proud to today you 'Payonians In India', the new collaboration digital Ep between Cause Kritsek and Unqualified Alien, two upcoming and hefty producers that our sobriquet has the prayer to assist. Dejan's strike one is the issue of more than six years of 'soundless' effort 'behind' the scenes.

Agent Kritsek, Total Stranger - Strange Agent (Original Mix)
Agent Kritsek, Total Stranger - Payonians In India (Original Mix)