Too Low, Garciaz, Alex Senna – Lost Voices [Techno Brothers]

With big hubris we nearby in this unshackle, a Solitary select Remix created from the superb remembrance of one of today's biggest producers, "Alex Senna", who in collaboration with the "Garciaz", a impresario also brazilian and upright, developed this marvellous Only, here entitled "Spent Voices", could not be more perfect electronic music, where we resurface to the beginnings of this art, which does not fit the advancement of a vocal so you can pass over all the brightness of the line here is not inadequacy luster, not missing art, the art here is unalloyed fundamentally of profound impression, with a wonderful euphony and an outburst of not letting constant the shyest stopped, and to total this Solitary select, hail one of the most suitable revelations of 2016 a Remix from Assignment "Too Low" , Brazilian Bass as have to be, anxious, warmly complex and extremely going. Distributed By Symphonic Division – Make use of!

Alex Senna, Garciaz - Lost Voices (Original Mix)
Alex Senna, Garciaz - Lost Voices (Too Low Remix)