Tony Schwery, Tony Schwery – Lara’s Theme (porcelain) [Symphonic Distribution]

He believed that what fabricate people like a DJ are his feelings with the mixer and the gather and not ads and sponsors dissimilar to other DJ's so he performed for his passion in music and not for the zeroes in his bank account. He started having his own audience, ages he started performing superior family sessions in different events, competitions, and the clubs he worked for. He started as a DJ at the year 1995, he played all styles yet it was understandably defined by others that he's more into dwelling and electro music, and this is where he focused and succeeded most. ——————————————————————————– Distributed By Symphonic Assignment – Tony Schwery, born in Beirut in was attracted to music at the age of 12 where he started collecting music of all styles as if he knew its was affluent to be his craft. Recently, Toni started producing his own tracks, "Little-known circumstances" "Cloud7" ,"Euphoria",Mystic Sunshine,"wooh" , "Eastern promises" & innumerable more remixes, U can all encounter them on Soundcloud… In other words, Tony is considered to keep a understandable system in his calling which is attachment music and dispensation it with your audience not give away it, and that was his key good and made him be suffering with his own sort and one and only communication skill with his fans. After sustained years in this craft, Toni has a muscular and estimable whereabouts and is considered one of the superb family and electro DJ's mass all in Lebanon, and to be more precise missing a legislative body meeting for Toni is like missing a lot if you are a being who loves and appreciated music!!

Tony Schwery - Lara's Theme (Porcelain) (Tony Schwery Remix)