Tonica Rara – Canto [Sugarfree Tunes]

In Sugarfree Tunes we are proud to present "Tonica Rara" coming from compositions have a lot of Spanish influence. In fact, all their songs are in Spanish, although no member of the group is native to that "Canto", the first track on the EP, the flamenco guitar rises above some sorrounding pads. Antonina's voice glides through the opening chords with a Bulera vibe. Then, the powerful bass and vocal cuts make their space to get to the chorus. This has the main vocal marking the reasons for this "Canto" ("Song") with a tribal rhythm to the beat of the claps. A very powerful second track, "Cosita Rica" starts with a caribbean and cheerful groove. The vocals come slowly, announcing the guitars that will bring us a tasty rhythm this time. The arrangements on "Cosita Rica" are warm and very well placed. They accompany the voice of Antonina that seems to dance itself in the song."Canto" is an EP that may have been born in Russia, but has a lot of Latin heart. We hope you enjoy!

Tonica Rara - Canto (Original Mix)
Tonica Rara - Cosita Rica (Radio Edit)