Tomahawk Bang, Coflo, Big Leaf – Planets [Catch The Ghost]

Big Leaf aka Caleaf Sellers from NY releases his debut tech house EP. Caleaf is considered an American 'House Dance' pioneer, responsible for spreading an American contemporary style of urban club dance throughout the world since the early 1990's. With decades of dance and club experience under his belt, its only fitting that house music production should be next on his list of artistic expression. Some have said that you can hear decades of sounds within' his song 'planets'. Accompanied by 'One Love', this EP is a great first release for this dance pioneer. Coflo and Tomahawk Bang also provide their takes on Planets providing two very different journeys based off of a great foundation that is 'Planets'.

Big Leaf - Planets (Original Mix)
Big Leaf - One Love (Original Mix)
Big Leaf - Planets (Coflo Remix)
Big Leaf - Planets (Tomahawk Bang Remix)