Tom Gotti – Thrill Seeker [Hybrid Confusion]

Tom Gotti the talent from austria who has found the way from vienna to stuttgart to devote 100%% of his passion. It is his first album called 'Thrill Seeker'! Tom is known for his unique sound that one gets in any drawer! We call it 'Weltuntergangstechno' in austria (Doomsday Techno) and without a doubt. Creaking synth followed by pushing forward elements remains no leg resting on his music. We are proud to have him back and release this beautiful piece of Techno! Several releases on Driving Forces, Shout, Hybrid Confusion and his own imprint Tool Cabinet …

Tom Gotti - Bell Shaped (Original Mix)
Tom Gotti - Brainless (Original Mix)
Tom Gotti - Cold Black Soul (Original Mix)
Tom Gotti - Decided to Leave (Original Mix)
Tom Gotti - No Return (Original Mix)
Tom Gotti - Onehundreteleven (Original Mix)
Tom Gotti - Restless (Original Mix)
Tom Gotti - Weekend After Effects (Original Mix)
Tom Gotti - Thought Construct (Original Mix)
Tom Gotti - Thrill Seeker A (Original Mix)
Tom Gotti - Thrill Seeker B (Original Mix)
Tom Gotti - Truely Untrue (Original Mix)