Toad Man, Desert M – Meri [Different Trains]

Since 2011 Finnish Valtteri Hyvarinen has been making accessory elektronic music under the control of the prestige of Vacant M. His every so often melancholically fair off hard-hearted on occasion danceable look is inspired by a multitude of disparate worlds the endless vastness of play sunless dystopian visions of the expected and of way the temperament of the North and its glacial its roughness and its desolate strength. The music mixes together hugely distinct styles but singularly elements of video match music retro electro pop in the splendour of Kraftwerk Techno and the jet-black sounds of industrial sequel being exclusive itself. Electronic music from Finland.

Desert M - Tyyni (Original Mix)
Desert M - Sade (Original Mix)
Desert M - Tuuli (Original Mix)
Desert M - Myrsky (Original Mix)
Desert M - Mutta sade ei lakannut (Original Mix)
Desert M - Tyyni (Original Mix)
Desert M - Tyyni (Alternative Version)
Desert M, Toad Man - Sade (Toad Man Remix)