Titan Road, Cardiac (UK), Giv Groov, DJOKO – Phone Call Ep [Chief Recordings]

Titan Procedure, the Italian financial manager, is making his initiation with a stout remix. The irreversible footpath is called F### That, a g Tech Counci alley with Mephistophelian Blood stabs. The basic slot is called Phone Convene, a groovy tech line footprints with a funky bassline and stable drums. Cardiac is sponsor again at Chief Recordings with an extraordinary remix. We got Cardiac and Titan Procedure providing excessive remixes to finished this all-comet EP. His exegesis contains the signature Cardiac sulcus and drums designed to frame you decamp. Chief is proud to adjacent a out of the ordinary EP by a gang of staggering producers! Luca Secco teamed up with DJOKO, Craftkind and Giv Groov for two marvellous tracks.

DJOKO, Luca Secco, Craftkind - Phone Call (Original Mix)
DJOKO, Luca Secco, Craftkind - Phone Call (Cardiac Remix)
DJOKO, Luca Secco, Craftkind - Phone Call (Titan Road Remix)
Luca Secco, Giv Groov, Craftkind - F### That (Original Mix)