Till Von Sein – Blacker Than Ever [Suol]

After the success of his Precious Remix EP last autumn, Till Von Sein is back with some new originals on his Blacker Than Ever EP and we are very excited about his first of three fresh pieces of music is U N U and its definitely one for the summer. Percussions with the energy of a street carnival, sunny guitars and a filtered vocal all dance around chirping synths and a stomping kick. Smiles all the way.
As night falls on the carnival, its time for some serious grooving. And Itiswhatitis is just what is needed. Drum machines and synths reign supreme when it comes to dancing in the dark. The bassline takes the lead, a short snare cuts through floating pads as the ghost of a rave melody creeps up on you, raising tension before the kick drum releases it.
Arriving at Dappat Se Gat, sunrise is welcomed with dreamy Rhodes chords, soaring strings and an electric bass as warm as those first rays on your skin. Scattered jazzy licks weave in and out of a groove that keeps you on your toes with a beat packing a punch, which is light yet precise.

Till Von Sein - U N U (Original Mix)
Till Von Sein - Itiswhatitis (Original Mix)
Till Von Sein - Dappat Se Gat (Original Mix)