Tigerforest – Songs Of Reverence [Lemongrassmusic]

Songs of Honour is the 6th studio album of German electronica engagement "Tigerforest" and the first publish on Lemongrassmusic. It brought musicians together from personal genres and contrary areas of the creation for one garden-variety ambition. Gunnar Spardel, the man behind Tigerforest, brought together a wonderful array of musicians, joining uplifting electronica with Roman instruments and shore poverty-stricken elements. Spardel's idiosyncratic synth pop impression is also joined by Roman instruments in most parts of the album. This sameness created an out of this creation soundscape to pay impenetrable thoughtfulness to our planet and to over a mes of awe for the wonderful gracefulness on soil, from special landscapes, diverse colors in variety to the continuing ardour of mankind.

Tigerforest - Vermilion (Original Mix)
Tigerforest - Through The Trees Into The Water (Original Mix)
Tigerforest - Keep On Running (Original Mix)
Tigerforest - Stars In The Canyon (Original Mix)
Tigerforest - Take Me Home (Original Mix)
Tigerforest - Sky On Fire (Original Mix)
Tigerforest - Sea Watch (Original Mix)
Tigerforest - Nevada Gold (Original Mix)
Tigerforest - I Will Follow You (Original Mix)
Tigerforest - Bellefontaine (Original Mix)
Tigerforest - Passages (Original Mix)
Tigerforest - My Face In The Rain (Original Mix)