THOMMYY RA, Minimal Afrika, Perfect Straight, OUER – I [Ouer]

The 3rd put out of the newly upcoming nickname of the Ouer boys is coming reprimand in the shape of an exalted value package of remixes done by clever friends & supporters. Known as producers of the highest organization, Roberto Rodriguez (Freerange, Fina, Serenades, Let's With Building) & Panthera Krause (Uncanny Valley, Riotvan, Lobster Theremin) are paramount the chuck while upcoming talents as Minutest Afrika, Fulfilled Vertical & THOMMYY RA insert a liquid of freshness to the aggregate day-to-day business. After already 2 releases on their own imprint, the boys wanted to offer a apropos remix EP to t the summer. Since their premier unchain on the sobriquet ultimate november and the special unloose on Detroit bamboozle's Heist rearmost april, the duo has been making the rounds in the circles of A record dj's.

OUER - Aleph (Roberto Rodriguez Remix)
OUER - Vertical (Panthera Krause Remix)
OUER - Onset (Perfect Straight Remix)
OUER - Supra (Minimal Afrika Remix)
OUER - Cornu (THOMMYY RA Remix)