Thomas Von Party, Noema, Dreems – Rise / Animal Empire [The Magic Movement]

On The Magic Movement's 5th phenomena sound wizards Noema & Dreems (of Multi Culti Records) invite you on a journey to the tropical depths of a world beyond. Close your eyes step outside your sphere of being and find yourself in the "Animal Empire". This afro inspired jungle techno swings with a dubby melody and hypnotizing bells while the driving bassline enhances the macumba vibe. For those affected by swirling sonics beware the vertiginous breakdown where all seems lost for a brief moment of madness. Flip the record and hear the sound of Aztec Acid Disco on the Rise. With a lot of love for the detail flute percussive guitar and shamanic vocals get you into the groove. After a little hang out with the local jaguar warriors the 303 soars up for a flight over the pyramids until an elevating melody takes this intense beast right into the glowing morning sun. Trippy Shizzle Galore in full effect 'round here.

Dreems, Noema - Rise (Original Mix)
Dreems, Noema - Animal Empire (Original Mix)
Dreems, Noema - Animal Empire (Thomas von Party Remix)