Thomas Ragsdale, Jo Carson, Sunset Graves – Static Love – Single [3rd And Debut Records]

Following the release of acclaimed and widely supported 4th album 'In Blood' in March, Sunset Graves (Andy Fosberry) returns with the brand new, nocturnal single, 'Static Love'. This time, he's bringing friends…
"I really wanted to work with vocals, beyond straight sampling and editing. I wanted to write a song. When I contacted her, Jo was busy being brilliant with her own project, Temples of Youth, but she agreed to sing the track if I wrote it. I've been solely working on instrumental music for about 4 years, melody and lyrics have been off my radar in a sense. But with this song, it all just came together."
When the track and it's slightly more abstract, bass heavy b-side, 'The Fabric' were completed, Andy began to think of a remix.
"Tom (Ragsdale) and I had toured the UK together back in March, and we're going out on the road again in August. I got to see him perform every night and love the intense, dark ambient atmospheres he makes. It was a no brainer to ask him to work on the tune. Fortunately, he said yes, otherwise the August tour would have been a bit awkward".
Sparse yet lush 'Static Love' represents a bridge between 'In Blood' and the next phase of new music coming in the not too distant future. Distributed By Symphonic Distribution –

Sunset Graves, Jo Carson - Static Love (feat. Jo Carson) (Original Mix)
Sunset Graves - The Fabric (Original Mix)
Sunset Graves - Static Love (Thomas Ragsdale Remix)