Thomas Klein, Sven Kacirek – Rhythmus I-iv [Bureau B/Selekt]

What happens when you bring together two percussionists who are well-established in the electronic music scene and
commission them to produce four tracks exclusively with percussion instrumentswith the only requirement being not
to deliver any overtly thought-out nerd music? The answer has been provided by Sven Kacirek and Thomas Klein on this
SELEKT release.
Although the two musicians each speak their own distinct rhythmic language, with only a few data transfers between
Hamburg and Düsseldorf they have conjured up four compact tracks, which despite the instrumental limitations are
surprisingly diverse in terms of sound, groove and depth.
The collaboration went like this: Each sent the other a sketch for further development and expanded upon the one they
had received. In a fnal meeting, there were only a few formal decisions to be made and some minimal corrections. Each
contributed his own spectrum of instrumental and tonal possibilitieswithout overdoing it. In addition to drums,
cymbals, shakers, xylophone and vibraphone sounds, sonic treatments are clearly audible. In this way, the acoustic and
electronically triggered sound material came into an unconventional dialogue. The musicians only met in person for the
mixes at Düsseldorfs Elektro-Mueller Studio.
Sven Kacirek has previously released fve solo albums, including the highly praised Kenya Sessions in 2011. He has
collaborated with Marc Ribot, Nils Frahm, Shabaka Hutchings, and F. S. Blumm. In 2015 he released an album together
with Stefan Schneider on Bureau B.
Thomas Klein is a founding member of the band KREIDLER and has published three solo albums on Bureau B since 2011
under the moniker Sølyst.

Sven Kacirek, Thomas Klein - Steyn (Original Mix)
Sven Kacirek, Thomas Klein - Hollz (Original Mix)
Sven Kacirek, Thomas Klein - Methal (Original Mix)
Sven Kacirek, Thomas Klein - Elekktrik (Original Mix)