Third Class, Sp0ka, Drew Tony, DrGoo – The New Hip-hop [Grimey Grooves]

The New Hip-hop is for anyone who has looked at leap music or rap, and honourable wanted more! The album themes are ranging from jet-black governmental messages to candle hearted social music anthems. Till the end of ti Grimey! 10 tracks with a ton of features from producers, singers, rappers, and plane a violin especially bettor. The New Hip-hop is a well supplied completely that focuses on the collective worth of hip-hop, and the extreme force crashing of leap music. Your suppliers of Soot since 2009… Grimey Grooves!!! Ever after Groovey! God Provide!

DrGoo, kidmental - She is Hip-Hop (Original Mix)
DrGoo, Dj View - Opulent (Original Mix)
DrGoo - Silence (Original Mix)
DrGoo, David Gold - Hands (#blacklives) (Original Mix)
DrGoo, Jenna Plex - Where You Live (Original Mix)
DrGoo - Missed Connection (Original Mix)
DrGoo, GRIZZZLY - Huntin' Season (Original Mix)
DrGoo, Drew Tony - Sober (Original Mix)
DrGoo, Sp0ka - Chaotic Peace (Original Mix)
DrGoo, Third Class - Heaven (Original Mix)