Things With Wings – Naija Beats Ep [Skrufix]

'I've been playing a lot of Nigerian social tracks recently, and it tends to be extraordinarily vocal-acute and not massive to mix, so I've been making my own supportive beats to mix with it,' says Things With Wings. Heavily influenced by the moulding styles of brand-new Nigerian gambol music, the hypermodern tracks are the primary in a onset of new releases coming out on the innovative Berlin stamp in the next half of 2016. 'Shanghai [Burton] heard some of the tracks and consideration we should put them out. Then [up-and-coming Berlin artist and cocker of the name] Drmsjel heard the tracks and said he wanted to do the artwork for the garb – that's when I realised this had to materialize.'… Things With Wings is go with a two-supervise EP of afro-inspired goodness, to be released on 16th September on Skrufix.

Things With Wings - Naija Beat 3.2 (Original Mix)
Things With Wings - Yoruba Lesson (Original Mix)